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I thought that the movie Signs was a pretty good flick. More exciting than most alien/sci-fi stuff. Good movie... Go rent it if you can....


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i love movies that play with your mind rather than try and do everything with fancy fx. gotta luv m. night shyamalan though, he is pretty good at psychological thrillers like this one and 6th sense.

on a side note. the whole idea of crop circles being 'road signs' for aliens is quite belivable.

why can't i spell god...why


I found the whole movie total crap...
It was long and boring. The movie could have been done in half the time it took and even that would have been to long. The whole reverend thing and him leaving it cause of the death of his wife. Please. The kids were just so annoying and Mel Gibson as a farmer was so miscasted. River Phoenix aka Jaquin Phoenix or whatever he calls himself now. His purpose was so over rated. The story was weak and totally implausible.
Yeah I can beleive aliens need to make crop circles and that they need to poison us to death to claim the earth for themselves... and the whole water thing... OMG. Nuff said....
Yes I thought the movie was pretty sad as well, and well overdone.

BTW River Phoenix and Jaquin Phoenix ain't the same person

River Died Oct. 31, 1993 at 1:51 AM in West Hollywood, CA of a overdose

Mel Gibson played a farmer in The River, which wasn't that bad of a flick, but was predictable from begining to end.

I didn't know that, first movie I ever saw him in was Gladiator, don't know anything about him really though he seems like a halfway decent character actor.



actually i am not sure exactly what his first movie was but I know he was the young boy of Diane Weist in Parenthood with Steve Martin. (awesome movie btw)


see Parenthood. trust me you wont be disapointed.... Keanu Reeves Rick Moranis, Diane Weist, Steve Martin, Jason Roberts... and best of all it was directed by Ron Howard


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I would have to say that Jaquin Phoenix is a good actor because he made me hate his character in 'Gladiator.' I don't think I would have hated him had he not acted the part well.


I involuntarily bought this from columbia house. :(

I will watch it tonight though, because of the reviews you have given.

Thanks for no- spoilers :)


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Ha, Signs!!!

Yes I enjoyed the movie - purely as entertainment but some glaring holes...

Why is it this alien species can fly across intergalactic space yet can only coordinate the invasion by secretly mowing the lawn at midnight?

How can a species with such a thirst for terrorising entire planets be so feeble as to become trapped in Farmer Giles' pantry. Note said pantry was in wood framed house...

How when water is a common molecule through the universe can our intergalactic marauders get away with being allergic to it? Rubbish.

Absolute tosh! Why no space suites to protect them? Surely they must have guessed by all the bloody water on our planet that ... well HUMBUG.

One presumes that the populations of Wales and Western Scotland never saw a single monster during the whole invasion!


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