*Sighs* Had to do a total reformat. =(


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Hey all,

Well basically I was having a problem with Visio 2002. Yes, I'll be the first to admit, it's not a legal version. *THIS IS NOT ASKING FOR HELP, please don't get mad* Well anyways, it worked when I had 2000 on first with the activation... then going to XP and it didn't work, telling me the wrong version. So I decided to retry it on a Windows 2000 OS, so I decided to install it on the same partition as Windows XP {big mistake}. Well dual boot was working, other than the fact that Windows wasn't detecting my modem. Well after Visio doesn't work I decide to go back on XP and I keep gettin errors, so I had to reformat... Sucky.

Desperate things mean desperate measures, I'm very desperate for Visio lol. =)


Man, that sucks. I had to re-format a while ago, I'm not sure why, just everything was goin screwy. I feel your pain.
Hope you had a backup! :)


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Wow man you're a bit late! lol! Well naw, I wasn't able to back up because Windows Repair Console would NOT let me out of the Windows Directory... but luckily I got my new cable modem about 2 days later {moving up from Dialup} so I was able to get everything and then some back FAST. :)


i find it hard to believe that you reformat your computer because ONE program doesnt work properly lol


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over the next few days i am goin to reinstall windows, but it will be on a new hard drive so i wont be losing any files.

which is always good =)


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That's basically what it all boiled down to Computerfreak, basically this one program not working {I'll admit, it was warez. I don't have all that much money so I went to download it}. Well anyways, at my friends when I did it, it worked perfectally fine on 2000...

Put on XP because that's the only way I can configure my stupid ass Microsoft Router {You can't use 2000, odd eh?} and the patch for Visio wouldn't work, so I figured that you needed 2000 for it. So way after that, I decided that I would try a dual boot, ya know just install the patch using 2000 and run 2000, and then main OS will be XP... well the patch still didn't work in 2000, I installed the OS on the same drive as current creating the dual boot... well something must have overwritten something else, and what do you know system32 no longer wants to work in XP. *Sighs*

So yes, one program starts a whole chain of horrible events.


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I actually wasn't using any at the time. Normally I back things up to my D: hard drive which is primarily used for my MP3s, but I only back them up {Such as Favorites, some prefs, and all my installation files} if I know I'm going to need to reinstall them. The format came unexpectedly, and thus I wasn't able to back anything up because the Windows Recovery Console is just a sack of ****.

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