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hey guy's i'm workin on me sig + need some help.

i have several version's of wot i wan't

(there all labeled sig_xxxxxxx.jpeg)

but the text keep's on blurin

my favorite is this 1 is this 1

the original pic is here

hopefully u can see basically wot i wan't,just without the blurin.( my cow pic wid text overlay)

thanx 4 any help by telling me how 2 do it/doin it 4 me


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what program are you using to make the sig? Looks like MS Paint... If you dont want the text to blue, use Photoshop or Paintshop Pro... they save jpegs at a better qualuty. If you dot have photoshop, just send me the pic you like, and I will add the text for you... :)


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hey that's great.....but it's 2 big acordin 2 need's 2 be 75k,it's double that @ mo.


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dam it,if i take ur pic + open it it look's great. if i save it usin paint it look's ****,i save it wid acrsoft photo impresion + it's slightly better.will try publisher, but i noticed it goes right down 2 bout 40kb


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right, it's 44kb so it's o.k. it's 255 pixels high + 500pixel's wide, the tit's r blured.o.k wid ya'll?

plezz say it is....:p

[edit] + u can read it [/edit]


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I think i'm gonna be the first one to say

Your sig is profane language edited out retarded

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