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side buttons on MS explorer mouse..!

I was wondering if anyone knew how to use them in linux! (I'm so lazy I can't click "back" and "forward.." :p

I'm running Fedora Core1 (upgrade? too much work :/)
Hey Wook

Check out this tutorial, and see if it helps. I haven't tried this myself, but if it doesn't work, j79zlr should be able to help you out (he wrote the tutorial =P)


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Make sure you use the 0.99 version of Imwheel, if you use the 1.0+ version it doesn't allow button mapping which is necessary.
whoa that reply was super fast :cool:
I'm going to try that out as soon as I update the stuff
redhat network thingee wants me to update :confused:
thanks guys ;)

:eek: hi Mr Kundaje :eek:

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