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Sick Toshiba


Arte et Marte
Daughter No.2 has managed to snap the centre pin in the dc jack-in plug on her lappie (using it in bed and too much tension on the power lead, methinks).

I have no probs in stripping down desktops etc, but have steered clear of opening up lappies, but as the quote was £250 to fix it looks like I might have to delve in.

Any advice, or better still, a link for stripping down Toshiba's? (Equium A60 Pentium 4). Thanks in anticipation.....

Finding a replacement connector may be a problem. Toshiba will probably laugh if you ask to buy one.

Plan B would be to hit radio shack, digi-key or the English equivalents and see if they have a mating pair. Then replace both sides.

Plan C would be to see if someone has a dead laptop they are selling on ebay for parts.

£250? That's getting close to the price of a laptop.

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