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Shutdown Problem


Not Too eXPerienced
I have an ATX case. Usually when you shutdown the computer, it automatically turns of.

Now im getting the message: "Its now safe to turn of your computer" im not geting this message before but now i am.

Im have dual boot PC (Win98SE and XP) both shuts down well before but now XP doesnt.

I have tried to tinker with the power options and the likes but to no avail.

Please help, thanks!
In WinXP, go to power settings and there may be a tab labelled "APM", if you go to that and tick the "Enable" option. Click OK and it should be fine then :)

However, if you use ACPI rather than APM, I'm not sure how that would be resolved... I'd have a look to see if the APM option is there first though.

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