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shutdown help


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when i go to shut down it freezes at saving settings i have tried up dating through windows update but it never finds any updates any body got any ideas the easier the better - thanks:confused:
Do you have any third party CD burning software installed?

Sometimes the windows update site does not work correctly. Try again. And dearch "scarlet51", similar problem.


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There is something in Windows Update for Win XP Professional, that has to do with *Restarting Windows XP* that might address your problem. Not sure though. I don't know if it is an update for XP Home also or not (I have XP Pro that's why I remember this). I don't know what version of XP you have (XP Pro/XP Home).

Also if you have a Sound Blaster Live Audio Card there were shutdown issues.

If you do have this Card, did you install the Drivers that came with the Card?
Or did you let XP install it's own native Drivers?

I think the newer SB Live Drivers fix that (or not).

Hope this helps. :)

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