Fiona is really a oger

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Hi guys,
Having a discussion here about shrek 1.
Was fiona REALLY a oger or was the curse to prove that her first love really loved her?
I know its sad but we are arguing like mofos here and I want to make sure my boss is wrong so he has to buy a pint finally :D

Son Goku

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thekore said:
i clicked the wrong damn option >_<
Perhaps a mod can remedy the situation for you, or wipe your vote and let you vote again; per your request. Not sure though.

Anyway, my take...the story Shrek is reading when the movie first opens is Princess Fiona's story... His "read it in a book somewhere"...well yeah, it sounded more then a little familiar :D

In any case, when the magic mirror introduces the bachlarettes, there's some indication given concerning the identities of these three...

If one takes Shrek 2 into account though, true loves first kiss can be the way to break the spell; however the rather nasty fairy god-mother didn't exactly have Fiona's own best intentions at heart...


I voted Ye, cus from what i know, the fairy godmother changed fiona into a beatiful princess to find her true love, while before then, she was an ogre who couldn't attract any prince. The only downfall of the spell is that during the night, Fiona changes back into an ogre.

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