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Show desktop missing.....



How do you replace 'show desktop' icon on quick launch after it's been deleted? Any suggestions (it's beating me at the moment!)
IconFile=C:\Windows\Shell Icons\Desktop XP.ico


put it in a text file and name it "show desktop.scf"


Very good dealer, I didn't know that. thanks:happy: I've always thought that a keyboard was a dust collecting feature of my desk! It's about time I learnt these things....... (you'll be glad to know that I typed this message all on my own ....no cut 'n' paste involved:D )

Perris Calderon

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in that case, these are the most usefull key strokes, in ordrer for me;


control+enter will type all the www , and .com for you...just type the name in the addres bar, this stroke, and you're set...only dot coms though

f3 brings the search tree

I use f11 every few minutes to go to full screen

back button for cruising back a web page, forward button, or if you don't have one, control and right arrow for forward a web page visited

end button for bottom of a page

home button for top of a page

control+z to undo a typing sequence...remember this one if you're on the forums...indispensible

control+break for sytem properties, including device manager

these I use every day, there are tons, but most I don't use

get used to these, and you will wonder how you got along without it

in addition, I made a couple of my own

I made my mail client an f6 shortcut

I made reboot an f9 shortcut

now, don't just read these and say cool

try every one, so it's in an action memory...it''s the only way you'll use them

Perris Calderon

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oh...never use then scrrol bars

use the wheel on your mouse
or the up and down, side to side arrow keys

also, you don't have to use the mouse to go to form boxes...just hit tab to go to the next box...very important

Perris Calderon

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you can make anthing you have on your desktop a keyboard shortcut;

right click, properties...in the box, you'll see "shortcut"

hit any f key that you don't use, and voiala.

it must remain a shortcut on yor desktop to work, but you can make the shortcut transparent if you don't want to look at it.

you can also make any key other then an f key a shortcut, but it becomes a control+alt+ shortcut.

to make a restart on your desktop, use this as the target;

%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -r -t 0
Win+D : Show Desktop
Win+E : Windows Explorer
Win+F : Find files
Win+L : Lock system
Win+M : Minimize all windows
Win+R : Run
Win+Break : System Properties
Ctrl+F : Find for most apps
Ctrl+X/C/V : Cut / Copy / Paste
[Shift]+Alt+Tab : Cycle through programs
F2 : Rename selected file

One I just stumbled across
Win+B : Bottom (Go to system tray)

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