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should i upgrade my geforce2 mx200



its depends on what kind of games u plan on playing. if u plan on playing doom 3 or half-life 2 taht will not get u by. whats r u pc specs. i have a geforce 4 ti 4200. if i were u go with the gerofre 5600 fx utral. make sure it is the utral becuase it suxs otherwise. it is about the same price at a ti 4200.
Wooohooo.. another Geforce2 user :D

Geforce 2 MX 400 Rulez!.. YAY :cool:

Yea as Cs-cky said, if you wanna play any of the new games, then go ahead and upgrade if you only play the older games, then you should be ok with the MX 200

by the way Cs-cky, you cannot use images hosted from your computer as your signature, it needs to be honested somewhere on the internet to be able to be shown on this forum
Sounds like Sazar-bait to me :) Actually, if you want serious Half-Life 2 or Doom III performance, a Radeon 9700 can be had for $200, but no high powerered card will perform well with a slow processor. I recommend upgrading both.

But yes, if you don't play a lot of the newer games, there's no reason to upgrade.


i had the same card as u did and i upgraded to a geforce4 ti 4200 and it was great. i didnt want to because i didnt think i would use it. i was wrong. u should upgrade

Why not just wait until you find a game you want to play and your card is overwhelmed?

Prices are going down not up.

If RAM prices start going up again then grab a card because the RAM will drive vid card prices up. But until then why worry.


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Originally posted by prodj88
ok well i just found out i have some $$$ so actually i want to buy a card now. what do you guys think about the radeon 9600? its pretty cheap ($130-)

click heereeeee \

if you don't think this is good suggest me another card...
get the pro version actually... if you can :)

or find a good deal on a 9500pro and buy that.. in most situations the 9500pro is faster than the 9600pro... (mainly due to architecture) but the 9600pro does have a reputation as one of the best overclocking cards out there..


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i wouldnt invest any more money in upgrading that box. you need new everything. cpu, mobo, video card. probably another hd soon too.

just build a new one when ur current system cant hack it anymore
if you arent a hardcore gamer, your computer will last you at least a few more months yet. Im keeping mine the way it is with a Geforce 2 MX, 1.4Ghz and 512mb SD RAM until after Xmas, then spring sale.. upgrading :D
Maybe a Radeon 9000 Pro or a Geforce FX 5200. They are just a class down, but they can be had for $70 or less.

By the way, cs-cky, this statement is unreasonable and lacks any substance whatsoever. I've had an ATI 7500 and a 9700 that worked just fine, and had zero performance and compatibility issues. I would never say NVidia is crap because they make great products as well, and ATIs are just as good. I'm getting a 9800 this summer ;)
Originally posted by cs-cky
dont geta ati they have a bucnh of bugs.

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