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Should i stick with windows 98



Well it seems that my "XP wont install" problem is unsolvable so i have had 98 on for the past week and bit.... Should i stick with 98?

I thought i should but when i actually remembered how crap 98 was i changed my mind... Is there any updates that i can get to stop it from been so buggy and crashing all the time??

yeah upgrade to xp :p ok sorry dumb answer. i don think there are any updates or service packs for win98, but be sure to use the second edition


You can still get updates!.:rolleyes: , windows update for 98se has ALL the latest ones!!.. 98se AINT dead yet!!

Stick with 98se, until you really need XP, as long as 98se is updated (from update site), theres no reason why you or anyone shouldnt still use it, unless you hate it, or have serious problems with it.

Just my opinion,

theres no reason why you or anyone shouldnt still use it
Well, being that I work in the industry I have to be well versed in it. And besides. XP is more stable, offers security which 98 does not, and all around is far superior to 98. Hows that for reasons?


Good, but you can get 3rd party security for 98se which is just as good if not better (norton firewall is one example).

Obviously XP is superior (thats natural)! cos its new, and M$ wants everyone to use the latest version, but 98se can be reliable (if you know what your doing).

Don't be bullied into upgrading just cos everyone else is CrAsHeRKiDD
I'll bet you are one of those guys who refused to upgrade to 95 when it came out... and you probably just upgraded to 98 last year... Someone has you fooled. I am sorry that you feel that everyone has been "bullied" into it. You are wrong about this. XP is great. Less crashing, better memory allocation and usage, it's just all around better. Good luck with 98SE.


Actually I use both (dual boot), no problems with 98se at-all.:D

I know alot of people IT managers as well as clients, some of them still swear by 98se!!.. I agree XP is good, Im just saying, if you can use 98se then do!

CrAsHeRKiDD, when you install 98se, get all the latest updates BEFORE you install anything else, then install your drivers etc.
Well i had Windows Me installed and i got it working like a dream no crashes no problems....if i can do it with Win Me theres hope for you !.

Win 98 is ok if updated but have you posted before in here with your Xp problems ?.

Remember not everyone can afford Xp prices...if you can make do with 98 keep it.

I only changed to Xp when i bought it Oem (it seemed a bargin!)
Well... even though 98 will install on your PC, I believe that your problems are stemmed from a hardware issue. You said yourself that you had XP installed for over a year and had no issues. Don't be mad at XP.

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