should i buy this system?


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hey guys .. what do you think.. should i buy this system???

CASE-> Chieftech CS-601 silver
MB -> Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH
CPU -> Athlon XP 1900+
RAM -> 512 MB DDR333
HDD -> Western Digital WD800JB
DVD -> Pioneer DVD-106S Slot-In
KEY -> Logitech Cordless Desktop optical
SPEAKER -> Logitech Z-340

maybe i'll add an audigy to that..
so whatcha guys think of it..?

Nick M

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Not bad. Needs faster CPU. XP 2400 is a really good CPU for this machine.

I would have 1024MB DDR PC2700 RAM, on one stick :)

Perhaps you want an Audigy 2, it's pretty much refined Audigy.


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yeah.. i know about the cpu.. meybe i"ll get one.. and put the ither in my ither machine,..

about the audigy.. as far as i know/heard audigy2 isn't that muich different of the audigy..

i forgot about the GFX card..
it"s an ASUS V8420 Deluxe GF4 TI 4200 128MB

yeah i know theres the 9700 Pro but i can'T afford it

Nick M

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* smiles and shrugs *

I'v heard both cards, whatever, it's the same thing.

Graphics card is a good one :)

I say your system is just fine as you have it :)


(unless I'm blind)

I think a price will justify some more educated answers as to whether or not you should buy it.

Here's my opinion, if it's something like $63 dollars, I would.

If it's anywhere near $7431.88, I'd maybe reconsider...

Nick M

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Try Kingston, Corsair, and Mushkin.

I know that RAM comes in 1GB sticks, I just don't know myself offhand where to get it.


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Originally posted by jonex
alright here ya go it's

1235 euro which is 1268$
well shiznits...

all told my rig costs less than that with the monitors included...

adjusted for stircrazy's nutty theories as well...

you don't need to go for the cutting edge unless you can afford it/need it... 512mb ram is sufficient for winxp.. can get by with 256 but 512 is enough unless you do hardcore editing et al...







:eek: That price seems really high. Shop around and look for the best price. If you can, buy everything from the same site to save shipping and handling. I'm in the US, and bought my whole system off If you are in Europe, I don't think they ship there, but it is still a good site to compare prices.


Originally posted by pr00fX



jonex, I think you should send $25 to this guy...


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i know it's not cheap.. i really hate that a year ago i've been in boston(for a year cuz of my father) we should've bought a compurter there.. i mean c'mon the 7NJS Zenith costs 180 bucks here in the us it's around 225.. that really sucks everything is more expensivce here!. i bought evereything from the same shop.. i let them built it so they can just give me the case with all the stuff installed.. my father didn't trust me when i said i oculd build it on my own.. he didn't want to spend such an amount of money to see an broken CPU afterwards.. :0 wellwell.. i bought it..

oh yeah.. pr00fx.. i really pity you ;)

EDIT: i compared with the prices at newegg and was shocked it's $1,039.99 there


Maybe you could order it off newegg, get it shipped to someone in the US, and then they could send it to you..where ever you are.

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