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should i be worried?



okay, every now and then i get this pop up window from norton antivirus 2002. it says that it has found the nimda virus on my computer and that it could not repair the file. so i click on okay and another one comes out. this goes on like ten different times. but when i do a whole system check, norton says that i have no virus'. should i be worried or is this just some mistake on norton's part? thanks in advance!
This usually comes in from a web site you've visited. Delete all your temporary internet files and the warning will go away, until the next time you visit that site that is.

Norton is doing it's job ok, and it usually names the file that the virus is in when it gives the warning. It may be that Norton is set to delete the infected file is why you're not getting anything on a system scan.


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When you are doing a system check are you having it check all files or just program files? It sounds like you probably do have the Nimda virus on your computer. Go to http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/tools.list.html and download the removal tool for the Nimda version that you have on your computer. Make sure you follow the instructions for using the removal tool. The anti-virus program cannot fully remove the Nimda virus by itself.


whenever the pop up comes up it just says that the virus is W32.Nimda.enc it doesn't have have what varient it is. how can i find out what variant it is so that i can download the right removal tool?


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I have "been told" (on other forums)..

that Lonman told you is accurate-- the virus seems to be prevelent in alot of frequented websites--Most frequently it seems to be passed on when you get "page-jacked" by porno sites OR warez sites. When you try to close something and you get 6 or 7 new pages pop up-- sometimes one of these pages causes norton to cry foul.
Steer clear of these sites, or at least keep you Virus files up-to-date and clean out those files (per Lonman's suggestion)
... in any case norton usually tries to fix the virus/worm and then quaranteen where it won't cause you any trouble.

(my brother in law kept getting the exact problem you describe)

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