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I just downloaded the shell player invluded with the powertoys on this page (thank you admins for not updating to microsoft's newest release that doesn't have this). First, I was reading some old posts that said it only supported .wma and cds, but mine seems to play mp3s fine. Would that be because I 'tweaked' media player a long time ago so that it could rip to high bitrate mp3s as well as .wma? Or has the shell player just changed to support mp3s?

Also, anyone know where to get new skins for the player?

Last, the audio quality on this player is only so-so (when compared to winamp with an enhancer). A previous post had these instructions for making (I think) a psuedo shell player for winamp:

"for winamp just put the start, stop etc files in a folder, rightclick the taskbar-toolbars-new toolbar and point it to the folder u have the files in"

Can anyone clear that up a little? I can't find the start, stop files for winamp.

Thanks for any help!

(this isn't as important, but if anyone knows, can I modify/disable the big popup that appears when i put my mouse over the player? It seems my visual style isn't compatible with it and the popup is really distorted.)


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yo yo...

the shellplayer supports mp3's not cuz u have tweaked the media player.
skinz for the shellplayer can be found HERE .

as for the winamp shellplayer u described it correct. make sure u have unlocked the taskbar and just drag the winamp folder with the icons till u can see all the buttons.
as for the vs question u can disable that pop-up every time the song changes in the options menu, but it will still pop up when u hover over or press the way to stop that i'm afraid...i'm using the style
FOCUS that i help making, and it works great with the shellplayer...

hope this helped u a bit ...:)


Thank you for the reply, to change the shellplayer do I just replace the .dll file in system32?

And what winamp folder are you talking about? I don't have a winamp folder that has play.exe, or anything like that, but I downloaded some that were created, however the icons they are associated with are so bad I can't even tell what they are. If there is a way to make this toolbar without using these files I downloaded that would be nice, but I can't find anything in my winamp directory. Or maybe you could just suggest a place to get some play/pause/forward/back icons? I've been looking around without much luck.

Thank you so much for all the help!!!!


Do you use the shellplayer? I really like it but at times if I pause it when I resume it skips. Have you ever had that happen? I am using the version of powertoys from this page, thats the newest/best/only version, right??



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the shellplayer does contain bugs..thats why it is gone in the new it will skip here and there, but no biggie..regarding winamp there are some tutorials and play stop etc. on for download..just go there and search the forums for winamp shellplayer....i dont use winamp myself, so i dont have any files for it..winamp doesent come with a shellplayer by default, so thats why u have to find some buttons urself and put them in a folder..anywhere on ur comp..and then make a new toolbar pointing to that folder...but check neowin..thats my best tip for u..there u will find everything u need..and


Great, THANKS for such a quick reply. Stupid MS should have perfected the shell player, I really like it (and no the skipping isn't a big deal, it only happens if I've had it on pause for a long time).

Haha, my friend told me he thought I'd be able to find what I was looking for on neowin, but I registered there and haven't been 'activated' yet, so I can't search. But thank you for your help!


But of course! But when I'm directed there by xp-erience... gotta check it out....

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