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Sharing seems finicky?


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I'm not sure if it was because of installing hamachi at one point, but for some reason, it seems that my file sharing is finicky.

I was trying to get my Windows Media Player 11 to share my music to my new 360. Essentially, it should work.

My 360 doesn't see it.

Well this is the part that makes sense it has to be my computer...
randomly, my system will decide not to be seen on the "My Network places" which can cause issues for my roommate and I to get stuff done. Heck, even at times, the LAN, I completly disappear from the network, but can still access the internet so I'm not completly off the radar.

Any help or advice would be appreciated to solve this issue.


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Any firewalls? Anti-virus? Stuff like that? What version of Windows? Me and my room mates have had nothing but trouble with Windows XP with regards to file sharing from it. Ever since then we have set up a Linux machine with Samba on which we can throw files to transfer them from one PC to another.


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its Windows XP SP2. The only firewall that is being used is between my roommate's router (I would prefer mine) which is a Linksys and my Windows Firewall (My router's firewall would be better than his linksys, but its very hard to convince him otherwise).
I'm using AntiVir as well.

Oh and not sure if this has anything to do with it, but I seem to have a Grey pixel that seems to be put onto the top left of my main monitor for no apparent reason. I click on it and/or right click on it and it does nothing. Its just there. If its a program running, it would have to be an invisible program cause I don't see any weird ones in my processes.

I think I'm about to go say screw it soon and just re-install windows from scratch.

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