Sharing Laptop with desktop problems

I have my desktop connected to my laptop via cross over cable. I have them networked using TCP/IP. They both see each other if I ping them. I share each drive and have them mapped in windows explorer so that I have drive letters. When I transfer files from my desktop to the laptop, it is very very fast (no problems there). But when I transfer files from the laptop to the desktop, it is very very slow and will eventually time out giving me an error: cannot copy xxxxx (file): the path is to deep. But it isnt like I am copying deep within a drive. I am copying to the root of the shared drive.

I dont think it is a hardware issue. but here are the specs:

Desktop (host)
1 ghz amd tbird - XP Pro
512mb ram
netgear FA311 10/100 NIC
workgroup name: tester
IP address: (static)
subnet mask:
default gateway: NA

Laptop (client)
2.4 ghz pentium4m - XP Pro
512 mb ram
realtek 10/100 rtl8139/810x fast ethernet NIC
workgroup name: tester
IP address: (static)
subnet mask:
default gateway:

I share my cable internet service (connected to my desktop PC) via a proxy, the internet works well on my laptop.

Also the samsung laser printer is connected to the desktop (via USB) and I share it to my laptop, and it prints just fine.

When I set up the shares (on both computers), I shared the entire drive, not just certain folders. Could this be an issue?

I hope this is enough information. Thanks for any suggestions.
yes it is strange. its not s long file name issiue either. i have tried any type of file name..... short, long, symbols...etc etc...

still the same result.

could the 2 NIC cards be confliting each other. Like they are not completely 100% compatible? Just a thought.

aaaacccck! hehehe i broke down and let the flies outta my wallet and bought a cable router. network works like a champ now. not for sure what the problem was with that, but i suspect either NIC conflicts of some sort, or bad crossover cable.



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well, glad you uhh... kinda solved the problem. might have been a bad crossover cable. if it was a NIC conflict, then it would have probably had the same effect either way you transferred. doubt it would be possible for NIC 1 to be fine with NIC 2, but NIC 2 have a conflict with NIC 1.

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