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Me and my family have 3 computers. Connected through a router. I don't know how long ago, but we started to have problems. One of the computers got reformmated and got WindowsXP installed again. This is very hard to explain, but except one computer, the other two have problems, once in awhile one can't see the network, and can't go on the internet. We have tryed and thought of almost everything.
For a little while we thought the problem was gone, but I just reformated my computer (I am on my dad's computer right now) and now my computer is not letting me see the other people on the network, or use anything with internet. I set up the network connection with the Windows XP's Network Wizard. It says everything worked out fine, I restarted and still nothing is working.

I know there is alot here, many different things could be causing this, just say anything you can think off. I might of thought of it already, but I need all the help I can get. To summarize the problem, 1 computer is working great, my computer,2nd computer cant get on the internet or network. Also, the 3rd computer might be having internet problems aswell, it freezes when we load it. The 2nd computer is the one I am working on...any ideas :confused: :eek:


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yea they are all in the same workgroup, we even tryed making a whole new workgroup. It made no difference.


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At what part, I'm pretty sure I choose the right stuff, I have been doing it for awhile now. I choose connect through another computer, etc


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Well make sure you select the option that says "This computer connects to the Internet through another computer or through a residential gateway".

If that option does not work, click "Other" and choose the "This computer connect to the Internet directly or through a network hub".

Give it a shot, might work.


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"This computer connects to the Internet through another computer or through a residential gateway" is the one I usually use. So I picked the other one, and still nothing. I am thinking of deleting the network totally, but how do I do that. There is no delete option. I want to delete it and then redo it..
Theres a new update in windows that address's networking maybe this will help I'm not sure what it is for but it's worth check'n out. Maybe it will help anyway.


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If you have reinstalled windows XP the firewall may be engaged. if it is you will have to turn it off if you want to see the other computers on the network or have them see you.


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oh thats for sure not it, it is automaticly off when you install windows, well for some reason it is for me. I checked it anyways, and its off.


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I just relised something, I have my own network card in my system, but I also have a built in network card in my motherboard. So, I went into the BIOS to look for it and I could not find it, I read the manual and it says where it is, but its not showing up. In Divice Manager, it only shows my own card, but I am wondering if it somehow could still be messing up my system and not letting me use the internet or network?
Could this be? How can I fix this, I know my motherboard has it, why isnt it showing up (and yes, I have the latest motherboard drivers)


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it shouldnt matter how many network cards you have in your machine as long as you config the right one, if a cable is plugged into the port then you should see a networking icon with two machines screens, the screens should be blue, if they are then play with that connections settings


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it's not ticked. I don't think that makes any difference for my problem. All that will do is conferm that I am not connected. But everything seems fine, grr why does hard things like this happen to me :(


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thats what I would do...

Check if the LED's on the network cards blink. If yes - your cables and cards are OK.

In your network connection properties, check that "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing" clients are installed.

Assign different IP's and try "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

Try if you can "ping" the computers from the command prompt
for example "ping 192.168.x.y".

If you use one of the computers as a gateway. check its configuration and check the default gateway option in the properties dialog at each other PC.

thats all I can think of for the moment.

Good luck,

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