Sharing Internet Connection With Xp And 98.. Help!!



Hi, I am having some problems. I have my windows xp using my dsl and am trying to let my windows 98 computer use it via a proxy. I have the xp computer setup with IP and the other computer setup with IP and they are both on the workgroup HOME. They share files just fine. So i install AnalogX Proxy and connect to dsl. I made sure all the protocals on the analogx proxy are turned to on. I then went to the 98 computer and when to internet connection options and set it to connect through on port 6588 (the analogx http port) and it just wont work. I have tried on the 98 computer setting it to automatically detect the proxy settings and everything, it just will not work.. like there is no proxy. And yes.. the proxy is green and working on the xp computer. I also tried some other proxy and had the same problem. I also deleted the network and reset it up on both computers. I dont know what to do.
HELP!! thanks
- Mike


The best proxy software to use is "winproxy" give that at try

its to hard to troubleshoot what you ask as ive never used that software

Have you tried the manual , or is it useless like most manuals are ?


12 Jan 2002
Ugh, proxies can really make you cry. I suggest you use router software instead, like Tinysoftware's WinRoute or even the XP-built-in Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).
On ICS you will get the 192.168.0.x network instead of 10.0.0.x but i guess you can live with that. Turn it on (for the connection to the internet) and set your Win98 IP to Auto and you're done.


20 Feb 2004
I have the exact same comp on XP, my laptop XP and my other desktop on 98 and I use the ICS and Network options on my XP box. Works like a charm except that for some reason, on the remote computers I cant see some webpage such as yahoo mail or even this page (xp-erience) idea why...

you could also try using sygate


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24 Mar 2004
on the xp machine run the ics wizard to share the internet connection, it will set the static address on th xp machine and setup the dhcp/proxy services for the other computers..... then on other computers you can set tcp properties to automatic or easier drop th xp disk in other computers and let it autoplay then pick other tasks, then set up home office network. which will run a wizard and take care of setting up whatever os that computer has.


I ran Proxy from analogx fine with win98/win98, now I am trying XP/win98 the icon goes RED when I enable POP3, no idea why as nothing else is on except my internet connection, just doesn't want to work anymore. I tried ICS under 98 and it was terrible, might try it under XP today sometime.

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