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Sharing from 98SE to XP, problem


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I have recently been renovating/spring cleaning the old PII 400mhz I have running Win98SE on my network.

I have managed to get almost everything I wanted sorted out - even allowing it to print to the other two main printers (found I had to put the drivers onto the XP box and then let the 98 machine copy them down).

Finally thought I would copy a folder down from an XP machine to the 98 one to make a working backup - and found that although 98 will see the machines in network neighbourhood if you try to access anything beyond //pcname (and there are shares there) then it comes up with "access denied".

Last thing I tried late last night was making a log-on for 98 with same name and p/w, but that did not help - any ideas?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I was playing around improving and tweaking the 98SE machine and eventually found that I could see beyond the first network share, though still not actually access any data. Then I thought of tryng it the other way and so I set the 98 machines directory to be shareable with full access and instead of trying to "pull" the files into the 98 machine I "pushed" them from the XP one - that worked.

So I foudn a way around it although I'm still puzzled why it didn't work the first way - it would be nice to have both or at least know why I couldn't!

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
"a log-on for 98" was this on the 98 or the XP machine?

Try loggong in on the 98 machine with the same Username/Password combo as the XP machine.

Why not goto 2000 since its much better then 98? 400MHz will be able to run it.


viking lost down under
Hi m8
If you are using firewalls, make sure that the ip address is allowed, otherwise you will get the same problem.


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