Sharing DSL connection with XBOX

How do I set up Windows XP Pro to share it's DSL connection using 2 NICs, with NIC1 attatched to the modem, and NIC2 connected to the XBOX via Crosswired cable. it's ADSL and it uses PPOE


firstly, do u have a network set up?
the computer you are on now must have 2 network cards
one connects to the internet
the other connects to your xbox (or hub, that connects to the xbox)

if u don't have 2 network cards, get two, and install it

if u have 2 network cards, set up the ICS correctly, control panel, network connections, setup a home or small office network
it'll ask u for which network card connects to the internet, which network card connects to your network

if u have that done, make sure u have a cross over cable (if ur network cable connects strait from the 2nd network card strait to your xbox) (1st network card connects to your internet)
make sure u have both strait through cables if ur 2nd network card connects to a hub, which connects to your xbox

if all still doesn't work, call your ISP, they might help u, or tell u a site to go to, i know for rogers cable (in canada) does.... i'm not sure if they'll rip u off or not, and somehow make u pay for a 2nd ip like they did in the past.... but basically, u don't need to pay extra, i'm just saying... they might find a way to jip u off
Ok, if you set the XBOX to use DHCP it will get an IP from your computer. This IP is displayed in EvoX. Write it down (or just remember it). Now go to your computer. Start the command prompt. Type ping and then the IP of the XBOX and press enter.

If this does not work:
- Do the NIC-lights light up? Any activity?
- Try setting a static IP on the XBOX and ping that.

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