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Sharing Broadband Connection


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My sister is running XP Pro. She has set it up for 2 User Accounts, one for her, and one for her children. She has Broadband, which she can access from her account, but the children can not access Broadband from their account, so they need to log into her account when they want to go on line.

I have not seen her computer, but feel sure it must be simple enough to allow 2 users, on one computer, to access Broadband. Surely Broadband doesn't need to be set up independently on each account does it?
The broadband will default on in all user accounts unless she (or someone else) intentionally disabled it for the kids.

Open IE, go to tools-internet options-connections and check "never dial a connection"

The mail accounts will need to be set up for each user with a unique mail server id and password.

If the internet broadband was turned off in services then it's going to get messier to fix. Try this first.


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Recreate the connection in the Netwok Connections folder and check 'anyone's use' on the wizard.

Check screenshot...




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