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Sharing a Dial up ADSL connection.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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I'm having trouble setting up a home network to share an ADSL connection which (sadly but neccerily) requires to dial up in order to work.
I have Both computers and the ADSL modem connected to an Ethernet Hub and both seem to work fine.

Is there any way to make both connect at the same time (even at the expense of one being a "server")


There is no answer!
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you'll need to either buy a router or make one of the computers a software router, usually these modems can detect the amount of computers if you just use a hub and they usually only limit you to one.

This link should help if you are sure of how to do the softcore version.


Also what do you mean by dial-up adsl?

oh yeah can i assume that this adsl has an RJ45 connector or is it USB, if its RJ45 you'll need two network cards one for the signal to go in the other for the signal to go out, but if you don't have more than one then using the usb as an IN is fine.

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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I guess I was in a bit of a blur :p
What I have is this, Two computers (with one network card each), One router (Allied Telesyn hub) and one Alcatel SpeedTouch modem (regular eathernet one, not USB).

Usually what one would do is connect the adsl modem to the router, then connect both computers and live happily ever after, But!
I have to "dial up" (not literaly, meaning i have to manually login with a username and password) in order to access the internet.
I can login with each at a time, but I can't share the connection so they both be online :(

And I'm kniting the rope as we speak :p


There is no answer!
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ok in your router you should have an options to have the router log in to the adsl connection for you, so the router is acting as the initial connection. then the other computers will simply hardline connect to the router to use the net.

whats the actual router model?

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Allied Telesyn F708
I didn't buy it, so I don't have the documintation.
A suspicion crossed my mind, I'm a moron :p
Its a switch not a router, I guess I'll have to get a normal router and set it so it connects first.
Sorry for the hastle :D and Thank you :)
Benny: Those Alcatel Speedtouch modems can often be reconfigured to become a router as well. They usuall have a web interface where you can set this up. I can't guarrantee that your modem can do this, but I've seen many that can.

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