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Sharede NTL Broadband

I have a home network with two laptops and a printer, one laptop using wireless connection.

At the moment I can use only one computer with NTL Broadband. Hoe can i set up the network so that both laptops can have sumultaneous access?
Get a NAT router. Also known as broadband firewalls. Linksys and Netgear are good brands to look at. Especially those with built-in wireless ability.


Heh...I just bought a D-Link DI-713 wireless router, which allows 3 hardwire connections plus wireless PLUS it has a print server BUILT IN!!!! You connect your printer directly to it, so no matter what lan computer needs to use it, it is always available, as opposed to having to leave a machine on with a printer connected. Awesome.
Also very easy to install.

Look for a router like that and you cant go wrong. Go here for details >>> http://www.dlink.com/products/broadband/di713p/

Hope this helps.

GraLk :D


I though with NTL, you don't need a router, just some network cards, a hub and a switch.
This is true if NTL is one of the very few (but very Nice and Good(tm)) ISP:s who will give you more than one IP per account. Definately worth investigating since it can save you both money and hassle.

But since it looks like he already tried this (have you?), I believe the router is the way to go.

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