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Shared Hard Drive

So I have 3 HDD in my desktop (win 7 64), and share them with my wife's laptop (vista 32)...or try to anyway.

Drive A - sharing multiple folders, can access them all

Drive B - sharing the whole drive, can access the whole drive

Drive C - Trying to share the whole drive, the same way as drive B, cant connect

The error it gives is that "the shared folder is found, but access is denied"

I've tried, un-sharing/re-sharing, re-naming the share name, changing the drive letter, rebooting both machines. Just cannot figure it out.

I was thinking maybe something stupid like firmware of the drive prevents sharing, but drive A is an identical drive.

I'm really at a loss here, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

sorry, its not the C:\ , just used ABC for the example.


I kind of solved it with a workaround.

I put everything on the drive in a folder and shared the folder.

Not ideal, but it worked.
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