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HI everyone!!

I have same problem with share for MAC OS. Let me explane problem:

In LAN I have server with Mac File Server service started and MAC Machine G4 and G5. Same Machine use System: 9.2.1 and from this machine I can not see (dose not visible) to same folder from application level. From system level everything OK, but when I try list Share folder from for example Adobe application, same folder are invisible.

Maby it is problem with wrong entry to registry in windows 2000 server, or maby sameone know what I should add to registry.

Tahnk you all for any information

Sorry for language, i am still working on it



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I'm not an expert but I think you would be better off doing what your doing the other way around. Set it all up on the Windows machine and try and do whatever your doing from the Mac?

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