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Severe mouse troubles


Somewhat eXPerienced
Evening all, I am having some severe mouse troubles. They are mainly concerned with my Logitech Optical Wheel mouse. You see, not that long ago I had a problem with it... probably from the abuse its endured, heh. Originally the problem was the primary mouse button. Not the button itself, but the thing that the button pushes. Its a little black box, with a white part on top that moves in... thats what the mouse button itself presses to initiate a "click".

Well, for awhile that wasn't clicking... it would but every blue moon. So I managed to find a simple HP Ball and wheel mouse, so I was trying to use that. I figured out that pushing the black box back fixed the issue with the clicking on the optical... so I was using that for awhile. Only problem I had after that was that the movement wasn't the best, don't know why but it just sometimes wouldn't move straight or something... but I was able to deal with it.

Well now this different problem came about. I was having problems with the mouse, this just happened today. There are several of them. The first is that I cannot use scroll boxes with the mouse. I would click on the scroll box, and try to move it up and down and it just wasn't happening. Either it would skip around , like I would click to drag, the mouse would move, the pointer would move, but the box wouldn't.

I was testing to see if I had more problems with clicking, and I wasn't. Another thing I noticed, while this problem wasn't nearly as bad, was that when I would single click the sensor would pick up 2 clicks... not often, but say when I would open my email, it would open it all the way, not click it just to read. It would take everything as two double clicks, and trust me, I'm not stupid... I don't have it set so that one click = two.

The third problem is highlighting. My mouse now has a difficult time of highlighting. I don't know what it is, the damned thing just won't highlight. It has nothing to do with the drivers, that I am positive of. Now what changed from last night and now, that I couldn't answer... I really am convinced that nothing has changed. Originally I thought it had to do with the system tweaks that I made to get my game to run better... but switching the mouse and all is well.

So maybe hopefully someone has some experience with the inside of the mouse, maybe someone can explain it? I already know I need a new house, and I am trying to work on it, but its really difficult. Right now I am using a ball mouse, and of course every now and then it will skip with the ball. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make it stop skipping?

I thank you in advanced.


One would wonder, why if it had stopped working, you didn't take it back to the supplier (if it was under warranty still) instead of just opening it up to have a look.

Most of the problems that I see everyday is when someone screws with the product and then brings it back expecting me to be able to fix it.

Sometimes I can, but with great difficulty and cost.

Sorry, just letting some steam out :)

Just saying, if you didn't know anything about it, why did you take it apart?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Well for one, I've had it for over a year. 2) I purchased it at BJ's wholesaler, so no warranty. 3) They wouldn't take it back for reasons 1, 2, and the fact that its apparent that it's taken abuse... hell, the screw won't even stay in there. ;}

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