I'm trying to install an OS. I was using ME and wanted to go back to 98SE. The setup kept stopping and I re-formatted. I decided to go to XP Pro to see if it would go through. The setup stopped and it said "File setupdd.sys could not be loaded. Error code is 4". Could anyone tell me what this is? Could it be RAM? :confused:


if you sure you don't need anything in you C drive, try delete the "primary dos partition" and add it again.

It should let u install win 98


But becareful!

I had Win ME and wanted to put back Win98, got the similar problem. It wasn't success in the first time.

So, I tried to formatted it, then I could install win 98.

But the problem is if you have other partitions already there when you install Win ME, you won't able to access those files on that partitions after you put back win98.


Try format it first. If still no good, then try del & add the primary dos partition --> format that partition --> install winXP

Install winXP and update it service pack 1. It is much stable than win98/ me.


Thanks for the info. The problem is that I can't setup any OS. The only OS that I was able to load was DOS 6.22. I then formatted the entire drive and tried to load 98SE and the setup stopped at SCANDISK. It said; Standard Mode: Bad fault in MS-DOS Extender Fault: 000D Stack Dump: 030C 0000 0070 Raw Fault Frame: EC=E6EC IP=244B CS=0053 FL=3086 SP=0052 SS=004B. Remove all floppies from the machine and hit any key to restart. I then went to XP PRO. It started to load files then stopped and said File setupdd.sys could not be loaded Error code is 4. Remove all floppies and hit any key to restart. I believe it could be one of the SDRAM sticks. I appreciate the help and it made me look in another direction then the way I was going. Thanks.

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