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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Maveric169, Dec 5, 2002.

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    Ok, here is the deal. I tried to change the priority of of one of my programs from low to high. I make the change and go to check it to make sure that it has been changed and it is back at low. I cannot find anyway to permently change the program priority!

    Does anyone have any ideas? Am I missing a step here somewhere?
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    make sure the prog that u want to change its proirity is open and running. do ctrl>alt>delete... go to process... find the file in there ... right click it go to set proirity... your done.
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    Don't know if it is possible to change the priority of a program permanently. However you can make a batchfile to start the program with a preset priority. Type this and save it as anyname.bat. Then doubleclick this file instead of the program icon.

    Start /<priority class> <path><filename>

    @ ECHO OFF
    Start /high c:\windows\notepad.exe

    If you are storing the batch file in the same directory as the file you're running, you don't need the path. If the batch file was being stored in c:\windows, and you wanted to run notepad, you could use the form:

    Start /<priority class> <filename>