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Server Wattage - how low can you go?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
As you can see from this thread my priorities for my server have changed from terrabyte exchange to lower power consumption and minimal build cost....

Likely the G3 way may work out for me I suspect.... But it got me thinking I suspect machine "greening" is a specialised area a bit like silencing, (where I dabbled expensively and without much luck).

Anyway, thought I would spark up a thread, both to hear of those among us running servers to brag about their wattages (lowness!) and to fire up maybe some links to the specialist who may be out there.

In terms of "spec" paramters I think I am revising from terrbytes down to let's say 250 gig as acceptable for my total server space... Not that that really makes a diff, but what I am getting at is that truly ancient machines with truly tiny storage capacity do not qualify.... Fact is the future is low power in the server market anyway, surely?... Anyway my other consideration is (obviously) build cost.... so by all means post links to flashy expensive builds and CPU's to reduce power, but that ain't going to cut it for my needs ;)

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