Server downtime and a small upgrade

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Recently, X-istence determined that the hard disks on the OSNN server were failing and this was confirmed yesterday by The Planet, our hosts for the last 6 years.

We planned some downtime for this weekend, which would have involved downloading the entire contents of the server, starting afresh and reuploading all the data - but after some thought we have decided that it will be easier, more sensible and cheaper (!) to upgrade our 5 year old dual Xeon setup to something a little more cutting edge.

Over this weekend we will be moving from our dual Xeon, 1gig memory, dual 120GB IDE server running 32bit FreeBSD 6.2 to our shiny new 8 core (quad with HT) Xeon 3450, 4gig memory, dual 250GB SATA server running 64bit FreeBSD 8.1.

We are very excited to move to such a server, but it will take some time to setup, test and then ofcourse the site will be disabled while we move the files, database and updated various services. We want this work to all be done during the weekend and this server will cease to exist completely by the end of the month.

Goodbye - hello, this thread will be kept up to date with the latest developements.
Think 100mb, server change hasn't happened yet as X is taking the time to do some seriously complex stuff.

Full spec for reference:

2x 250 GB SATA HDD
4000 GB Bandwidth
Intel Xeon 3450 2.66 GHz Quad Core Processor
FreeBSD - 8.x - 64 bit
5 IPs
100 Mbps Network Uplink
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Oh BTW, welcome to a proxied connection to the new server. DNS is still pointing towards the old, will have to get on that tomorrow, haven't had a chance to get that all migrated over.

Let me know if there are any issues, any 500 errors and all that fun stuff. I expect there to be a lot less trouble as the new setup is much more robust, and a lot more capable.

Note to self in the past, don't attempt to go directly from MySQL 4.x to 5.x without first doing proper testing and reading documentation.
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