Server 2003 upper HD limit question


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Hi all,

What is the upper limit of disc storage in Windows Server 2003?

I recently tested 2TB HD for WindowsXP and found that 2TB is the upper limit per volume. When I raided them together (JBOD), the BIOS recognized the new volume, but not XP.

I will be forced to change to server2003 if the ceiling is much more.




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MS said:
Storage Capabilities Basic Disks Dynamic Disks
Volume size (maximum)

2 TB

2 TB for simple and mirrored volumes.

Up to 64 TB for spanned and striped volumes. (2 TB per disk with a maximum of 32 disks per volume.)

Up to 62 TB for RAID-5 volumes. (2 TB per disk with a maximum of 32 disks per volume and 2 TB used for parity.)
Stolen from MS here: technet

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