Serious problem?



I have recently been experiencing some problems with my PC. I think it stemmed from installing the latest Ali integrated drivers 1.07. But i'm not certain. About 2 weeks ago i switched on and was presented with a windows reactivation screen. I had to generate a number, ring a helpline, quote the new number and was given a new activation code. This was slightly suspect i thought.Now the system will lock up completely at random times. In windows, booting up, shutting down. I can never get the system to stay running long enough to check other apps. Sometimes when i first switch on it will take approx 2-3 mins before starting the boot process. Same thing in safe mode too. I managed to roll back the Ali AGP driver (which i think has something to do with it?), and the graphics driver to 23.11 dets. Finally got to boot up for longer than 5 mins last night. Used verifier.exe to check what drivers are currently installed, upon starting the app the system started rebooting. Every time i start up it reboots, no prompts, mouse clicks, key strokes anything.
Extremely fed up as i have had to return the machine to the manufacturers twice already. Think a third time is called for? Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Athlon XP1700
Asus A7A 266-E
Asus v7100 geForce 2 MX 400 64mb
Western digital 60gb HDD
512 mb PC2100 DDR
Win XP Home edition


I would definately take it back. You say that you have taken it back to the builder now twice? What were the previous reasons? I have not had any experience with that particular board. I have had problems before with ALi chipsets and dont really care for them. I would suggest maybe a via or sis chipset. There is more support for them on the net.
Good Luck


Serious probs.

The previous problems were continuous lock ups. First time they replaced the memory which they said was faulty. Second time was a system replacement (so they said) as the mobo was duff, but i still got the same case back!! so i think they just replaced the mobo. Only bought the system in January too. Not too happy at the moment


wells I would request a new complete build, maybe using a different board. Its one thing to buy a computer and have to take it back for various reasons. Twice is unforseen. But 3 times? Not saying its the builders fault, but its not yours either.



stkootik. Hi again.
I have rung the tech helpline and they are going to pick it up and take it back to base. I am going to request a new board and an upgraded card too. Might end up with a new GeForce 4!! doubt that though, they will probably give me a TNT ultra for being a pain in the butt. Tee Hee!!


I have same M/B and loaded the same ALi drivers but encountered no problems.

However 3 days ago I istalled the ASUS iPanel and problems
like lock-ups and stuttering come to life.

After running a search on iPanels and Problems on the web i found out that the iPanel is responsible for lots of trouble, were you using this device?



I have the Asus probe and Asus update installed. Don't know what iPanel is unless its similar to Asus probe?


The iPanel is not software but is a piece of harware that you can install on a free 5 1/2" tray in your case. It has a couple of USB ports and an LCD display that displays monitoring information like:
CPU speed
FSB speed
Fan(S) Rotation Speed
CPU temp and
MB temp

after I bought it I found out that it causes a number of problems
like crashes, stuttering or sometimes it may even prevent the PC from booting (although it is advertised as a tool that will help you solve boot problems -- because during boot it displays various codes that show you into which step of the boot sequence the system is).

It is a same because I did not expect a company like ASUS to let into the market a product that still has problems (even in its last version).

Anyway I thought that you had this piece of harware and forgot to mention it...



I know what you are refering to now, a collegue of mine has purchased one recently. I think my machine is FUBAR now, last night i wanted to back up some stuff before sending it back to the manufacturers toiday. It took 5 attempts to boot up into windows, and then rebooted after about a minute. After doing this for about an hour i decided to switch off and forget about it.
Thanks for replying by the way!!

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