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serious partition magic problem

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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tried to creat a partiton for the 64 bit os on this laptop.

because it's brand new, I didn't create a boot dsk, but I do have an xp cd.

long story short, won't boot...with the cd in the drive, I get the "press any key" to boot to cd, but then nothing

anyone have suggestions or links for me?

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
never mind got it going, I'll be back if I need help again, but if anyone has any links with pm messing up the boot and the solution if they found one



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I use Partition Expert from Acronis. There are to many probs with PM .. As for your cd not booting that could be because the cd is damaged. Was ita copied cd ??


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
PM has been good for me - but you do need to be careful how you use it - not too many changes in one "batch" is the rule I think.

Sounds like baad luck here Perris - all sorted now?


The Voices Talk to Me
Yea PM is a finiky little b!t@h but generally works great. On a side note though you have to be REALLY Carefull if you mess with the OS partition.

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