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serious HDD issue!!!


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u just bought a 250gig hdd maxtor, yesterday and i rebooted my pc and the damn thing **** on itself. this hdd is a slave hdd. i i put a lot info that i need off of this thing. is there any ways to do this?

when i have the bad hdd plugged in winwods will not boot. just says windows is starting up. if i disconnect it windows boots fine. i looked in the even viewer and it says it has a bad block.

please help!!!


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u just rebooted. but then windows wouldnt come up. so i knew i just put in the hdd, so i disconnected it and windows booted up.
IDLE said:
u just bought a 250gig hdd maxtor,
no i didn't :p

well try plugging the disk in when you load windows back up all the data on the broken disk to the good disk using the file transfer wizard, if that fails then just go with the check disk


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FishBoy said:
no i didn't :p

well try plugging the disk in when you load windows back up all the data on the broken disk to the good disk using the file transfer wizard, if that fails then just go with the check disk

thasnk for the smart ass, but windows will not boot with the bad drive plugged in.

Shamus MacNoob

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Ok well go to Maxtor and there hard drive tools from their support and run the tests , if you can try to find away to get into your drive from something like a bootable cd . ultimate boot cd , with loads of tools , look for something like NTFSdos PRO boot from floppies try and accesss the data.

There is a few ideas for ya to start

good luck
You could try hooking the drive back up, since from what you have said its still getting to the windows loading screen, and make sure the bios is set to boot from the floppy drive and use a windows boot disk so that the system will boot to a dos prompt. From there you could try to change to the drive letter that should be the new drive and do a dir command and see if the files are there. If you find the files that way then you should be able to move them back to the main drive if you have enough space. That is one idea to try and save that data. If that does work then you can use the tools that should have come with the drive and start over again with it.


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IDLE said:
thasnk for the smart ass, but windows will not boot with the bad drive plugged in.
Maybe you should try to be a little nicer than this, you're asking for help, and when smeone gives you a suggestion, you call him a smart ass? You're the idiot that can't even get a harddrive to work in windows.
Well wait a minute mate ^^. Dont go attacking him, we have all been frustrated at our computer at one point in time, and this is probally one of those times.
If any one is doing the attacking its you and now me Gowcra.

If the thread starter wants help he needs to:

a) type clear english
b) clearly state the problem
c) stop being hostile towards humour

I dont know what the thred starter wants, I dont know what the thread starter did besides plug a new hdd in and is now asking for help, help with what?

Poster didnt even state if he's done the obvious and looked for loose cables, or cracked cables.

Before you start jumping on people for not helping, especially when you are a seemingly new member to the forums, you should realise that the guy hasnt been very helpful to us either.

Think about it. Dont piss us off.


Blame me for the RAZR's
1.) Does the bios still see the drive?
2.) If it does then run the diagnostic utilitied for the drive (ie wester dig has there own and so do the others)
3.) ntfs getdata back is a recovery prog i have used but its not free.
4.) i have lost 3 drives and it was the PS my advice replace the PS if it still looks like its working right.

if windows wont boot with the drive in try running the diagnostic for the drive through diskett. besides that you might be screwed.

Kermit_The_Frog~ didnt see you allready said sorry.


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one further idea - I am going to assume this is an ATA drive - so you have it slaved on the primary IDE channel, right? (BTW we need all this info - the more info the more we can help)....

Anyway if you are with me so far then consider trying the problem drive on the other IDE channel, the one with your opticals on it I presume - unplug them and plug in the drive - this helps narrow down cable troubles plus I bet it will enable windows to boot....

Now you said this is a drive you bought... I am assuming it has no data.... probably not formatted so do NOT expect it to show in windows - you will need to use Mactor tools or admin tools - computer management - discs to format/partition as required.

From there run a checkdisc and get back to us - hey?

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