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Self Changing Icons



I have a strange problem with 'My Computer', 'My Documents', & 'Recycle Bin'.

Every time I change these icons, they last for a while then revert to to standard icons.

Any clue?



It appears that these icons will change back to the default icons every time I log out. If I change them and log out, then log right back in, they have been restored to the default icons.

Note: This only effects the icons changed from "Display Properties : Desktop : Customize Desktop". Not any icons that are changed through Shortcut Properties

Is there a setting somewhere that could be set to "Restore Default" ?
you might try changing them then restarting your computer so it gets past "saving your settings". i had a problem like that witht eh start menu and it was because the power went out and it didnt save it


Damaged Profile.

I found the problem.

It seems that in my case, it was a damaged user profile. My SO's profile would save changed without a problem, but mine still wouldn't. I created a new user profile, swap all my settings over to the new one, and what do you know??? No more funny problems.

I also discovered that the problems arose just afer installing Roxio EasyCD Creator 5.0 and the XP update to 5.1 from the Roxio website. Could this be yet another in a long string of problems with Roxio?

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