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security dialog box....its gone...how i get it back???


xp m0nk3y
ok, the story is i have xp pro. normaly i would have the quick logon thing active, where u click your picture and enter a password, and the security dialog box, when you ctrl-alt-del while in a windows session and can log out, lock the computer etc.. took my system to school, joined the domain. all was fine. now, back at home i can only have either the quick logon or the ctrl-alt-del not both. any ideas how to get both again???

do you have use the welcome screen enabled or disabled?

I know to normally get the security dialog box when doing a ctrl-alt-delete you have to have welcome screen disabled, but I belive there is a policy in secpol.msc where you can change it.might wanna check there


xp m0nk3y
welcome screen is enabled. yes, there is setting in the local security policy under security settings. tried it and it didn't work. when i say hit ctrl-alt-del i don't mean to log on. during a windows session, already logged on, i hit ctrl-alt-del to restart/shutdown or lock my machine down. before, i brought my system to school and connected it to the domain i had both the welcome screen and the security dialog box, not at the same time mind you. but, i was able to logon useing the welcome screen thing, and then shutdown/restart via ctrl-alt-del, then click the shutdown button. now i can't.

anywayz thanx for the suggestion dude.


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