secondry master not showing up



I have installed a new drive as a master drive in my system the new drive is set as master on the primary ide and the old drive is set as master on the secondary ide.
all jumpers are set correctly, system sees both drives but after doing a clean install of xphome on the new 60gb drive I cannot get the old drive on the secendory ide to show up in "my computer" Drive manager see's the drive but will not allow anything other then a format of the drive this i cannot do until i can copy the data off it.

anyone have any ideas on how to be able to acces this drive?
60gb formatted as ntfs other 4gb drive fat32 with win 98 on it.
if you know how to get around this problem PLEASE let me know.
Thanks in advance.


There can be only one master hard drive, and only one master cd rom. Everything else has to be set to slave. The drive that has windows installed on it is your master and should be connected to the end connector on your hard drive cable. The slave goes on the middle connector. Your hard drives should go on one cable and your cd-rom on the other. Putting a cd-rom and a hard drive together on one cable will slow up the hard drive. Then when you start your computer, click start, click my computer, and right click on the new drive, select format (ntfs). Now your drive is clean formatted and ready to use. If you have something on the drive already do not format. Hope this helps. ikester


ehhh......ikester7579 I have 2HD, 1 cdrom, 1cdrw all set to master each one is in its own channel never give me a problem


Originally posted by renakuajo
ehhh......ikester7579 I have 2HD, 1 cdrom, 1cdrw all set to master each one is in its own channel never give me a problem
Well some computers do. It has a lot to do with your bios and how it reconizes your hardware. The older computers really have a problem with this. Some of the newer computers have smart bios in them that determines whats what even though things are not set up right. I have built three computers. All had different boards and bios. One you could do anything and it would run. The other 2 you had to set it up like I said or things would not work. I can see by your response you have not worked with older computers.



I would try slaving your second (old) harddrive on the same IDE channel as the new HD and see what happens.
I did just what you did last week. Here is how I have it set up.

IDE1: Master HD, Slave HD
IDE2: CDROM Master

What you did should have worked being they are on seperate channels but try slaving in old HD see what it does.


i have work w/old pcs but since he didnt say anything about old pc i assume that is a mew system......besides he mentioned i tend to think is relative new pc :D

dont worry, be happy

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