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Searching 4 text-2-speech w/ 3D talking face prog.



I'm working on a college project where my team have to transform a normal pc case into a talking machine in a human shape. We will put all the mobo and stuffs inside a mannequin and slap a LCD on top of it as the head.

Therefore, I'm searching for a software that user can input text by either typing or reading a txt and renders a 3d facial animation on the fly that reads the speech with lip sync feature. It needs to be able to read at least 500 words and have the ability to display the 3d face in full screen.

So far I've found proFACE (www.famous3d.com) that meet my requirements, but its price tag is w00ping $6000!! :(

I've also found Baldi or CSLU Toolkit as an alterntive but it's still in development and they removed the 3d facial animation feature away from public (not included in the lastest Tookit) :(

If any of you are familiar of this kind of software please help me :)

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m8 that is a tall order. i can assure you that there are no freeware apps floating about that solve your problem... this is a more specialised area and hence the 6000 price tag i dont think you'll find much help here

But still. me answering your post has brought it up the list so people will see it.



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yah id say your not gonna get anything like that for free theres alot of work behind a program like that hence the reason sierra hasn't released team fortress 2 yet there doing that lip sync crap for when u talk into the mic. unless your in some kind of software engineering class and u should be making it yourself tell your teacher its gonna be to expensive to do.


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Originally posted by iCzMan
We will put all the mobo and stuffs inside a mannequin and slap a LCD on top of it as the head.

Why not use a small LCD screen placed in the facial area of the Mannequin's head instead... Like the ones used for automotive applications. The ones that are put into the seat head rests for the back seat passengers to view.

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