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Seagate SATA Drive Question

I'm having a few problems with installing my new Seagate SATA 120GB HD into my main system. The SIIG raid controller recognizes the HD so I know it's at least there. It can be formatted using the raid controller, but I am unable to install windows onto the drive. When I get to the bootable choose a drive selection menu, it has no drives listed so when I hit enter, I get the blue screen of death.

I have SATA enabled on my motherboard. I've tried using the drive wizard and when it formats, and tells me to restart the computer and put the OS disc into the drive, I restart the computer and the same thing all over again.

My current configuration is:

AMD Athlon XP 2500 Barton
ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Rev. 2.0 mobo (with the latest bios update)
Seagate 120GB SATA drive that ends in 26AS I believe for the model number.
Trying to install Windows XP SP1(a)

That's all that's really needed.

If anyone knows what I need to do in order to get this to work, please let me know.

You will need to load the driver (for the SATA chipset) before XP will detect the drive. If i remember correctly this is an option that appears like an unusual keyboard or whatever before the system looks for the drives in your system.
When it's loading the initial drivers for stuff? Yeah, the problem with that is, the Seagate drive wizard disc has no data on it for that, so now I need to find out where there's a CD of whatever is needed. :)

I don't use floppy drives anymore and don't feel like installing one to do this.


The Analog Kid
ShepsCrook said:
I don't use floppy drives anymore and don't feel like installing one to do this.

Well, unfortunately, that is your only option. As teh windows install is loading the drivers, hit F6 to install SCSI/RAID drivers. It has to be from floppy.
i have never been able to do it anouther way other than a floppy. you will be able to do it with longhorn or linux but winxp or 2003 or lower will need a floppy, it is the only way that i know works for sure.
if you could make a boot floppy image with cdrom support and your sata drivers, you could use that as the boot record of a CD to which you can copy the windows setup files to.

then you'd just need to figure out how to launch setup from that DOS interface. i know it can be done, but i don't know exactly how.

Electronic Punk

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This is something I need to do myself.
I went SATA last month and dropped my floppy drive a few months before that.

So when it came down to it I didn't have a floppy drive ANYWHERE :)
Really need to slipstream.

Did you get this resolved, if not, remember you are looking for the drivers for your SATA controller and not your hard drives themselves.

Electronic Punk

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ok, I can't download those myself, as we have alot of files blocked, being a military network and all. Can I have the folder listing of the extracted file?

browse to the folder via cmd and give it a "tree /f"

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