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Seagate Raid HDD tools


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I have an unusual prediciment. I was trying to install ubuntu on my sata raid drives, its failed miserable, and on day three I gave up. Not worth the hassle of learning that.

Problem is, on my last attempt when using gparted my partitions got uber messed up. I lost everything and had to reinstall XP. My problem is now my hardrives are 20 gigs short.

Fasttrack says 160 gigs, but under disk managment there is only 140 gigs. I've been searching all over for Seagate tools, but the only tools I could find from them run from DOS and do not have the drivers to read all the data of my raided drives.

So, does anyone have any suggestions of tools that will run on raided drives, that will allow me to write zeroes or completely wipe off whatever is eating my 20 gigs?

And yes, I did try the liveCD for ubuntu one last time, and gparted and the disk view shows no ext3 partitions. Last time I mess with linux.....

Thanks in advance.


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Sorta helped, I didn't have any windows updates installed when I checked. I'm current now, but my drive in windows are still listed as 142 gigs total. When I ran the seagate wizard its telling me 160gigs, both drives listed as 80 and healthy. During POST, it shows 160 gigs.

What is the overhead needed for running fasttrack in windows? I don't really see it possibly needing ~20 gigs. I don't really need the 20 gigs as I have never came close to using up even 60% of my resources, just kind of wondering why they are not showing up in windows.

I downloaded and ran partition magic and there are no ext3 partitions left hanging around. But it did list my available space the same as windows.

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