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SCSI speed problems


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Hi have a scsi card adaptec 29160LP OEM.......this is fitted to my NF7S motherboard and it works fine.......with my 2 hard disks....fujitsu 18gig 15000rpm and a ibm ultrastra.....both 160 lvd. (using XP professional)

This is connected up with a cable connector with what appears to be a passive terminator......

When I check the speed of the card it appears to be working at 8bit mode....which is 40 meg max...................it is reliable and works fine though - just slow.

Is the termination giving a problem???? do I need an active terminator???
I can't see why it's so slow.........can anybody help????


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When you boot what speed are the drives showing when the 29160 bios shows the drives? Open the scsi host utilities hitting Ctrl+A during bios and check the drives. I've never used a passive terminator, always an active terminator and all seven scsi drives run at 160. Also make sure you using the correct "LV" scsi cable.

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