SCSI SCA connector?



I have 2 - Cheetah ST336704FC 36GB 10k RPM SCSI HD from work. It is a hot swappable and I was wanting to try it in my home PC and use 2 of them for RAID 0. I believe the connector is SCA but I cannot tell. How can I hook this up to a regular raid controller? I'm new to the raid thing and i'm not sure if it will make a difference since I have a 120GB 8mb cache WD. Any help would be appreciated to get this thing going.


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I haven't heard any way to connect a SCSI hard drive to a regular RAID controller. I would think that you would need a SCSI controller, then you could setup a software RAID (not sure if there are SCSI RAIDs).


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Yes there are scsi SCA raid controller cards. About $500.oo! If I were you I'd just buy a standard Adaptec scsi host card and run the drives normally. There faster than IDE raid by themselves anyway.


thanks dick for the reply, I have some SCSI cards laying around work but its that adapter at the end of the drive that is way smaller than ur average scsi card so I'm trying to find an adapter to bridge the connection. I probably should just call Seagate to find out. I just don't know if its better then my 180Gb 8mb cache WD.


Thanks for the help but after a long talk with Seagate I've come to the conclusion I can't get this thing to go. Its a Fibre Channel drive which means I need a Fibre controller and an enclosure to boot. Or there is a product that can bypass the enclosure but either way I'm thinking its a waste of time since I don't have a controller and its expensive. It woulda been nice to try this out but maybe I'll find one that isn't a Fibre Controlled SCSI.

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