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screen resolution


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screen resolution!!!!!

i hope i get some quick replies here guy's....

4 some reason when my computer started up + i entered my password all was fine,then when i press enter the computer sudenly crashes dispalyin a sceen long enough 4 u 2 be able 2 see it,but not readit. i started up in safe mode + did a virus scan which brang up nothin, then i said 2 hell with it + wen't 2 last good configuration. i am now on here + all is here,BUT my screen resolution is all screwed up:mad: when i go 2 properties>>setting's my colour is @ 4 bit:( i think this is the problem but don't no how 2 rectify it. i only have the 4 bit colour option, which needless 2 say is CRAP. i seem 2 remember having it on 32/64 in past b4 last good configuration.

any help pleeezzz

p.s screen shot atached


I'm all ears
Yeah, reinstall your Video Card driver.

And you monitor if its not P&P

LOL that is the funniest, 4bit colour!

Have you Overclocked your GFX?


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k i'll reinstall it. it's not overclocked + has worked fine b4. wot's the best way 2 reinstall it? i'd guess device manager. btw u may have also noticed the foloder icons, how do i get these rite?i've looked @ folder option's but they seem fine:confused:

hmmm the problem's i have...if ur bored try 4 bit colour 4 a laf:D
For the drivers remove the vidcard with device manager and let windows reboot so that it will find new hardware and then install the new drivers.

About the folders, what's wrong with those beautiful win98 folders ;) , You can change them back to the original icons with the help of the program E-icons. You can find E-icons here.


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it's fixed it's fixed:D :D :D yayyyy

seem's like it woz just the driver, but that don't explain the initial problem.... any way it work's. how can i make a last good thing for my setting's now there workin?

thanx a lot guy's + sboulema u seem 2 b able 2 fix all my problems now that's fixed i can get round 2 applyin a certain program.......;)


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* bytes drums fingers expectantly, looks at watch, tsk, 2 minutes over already *
hey i'm bk:p it takes a few min's 2 uninstall the driver,bout min 2 shut down, fukin ages 2 restart + kiss my computer 4 workin ( bout 2 min's on a gd day) + bout 3 mins 2 get on here usin aol:(

christ i just set a world record......

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