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Scheduled task



Hi, I think I found the real name in english for "Tâches planifiées" :). I saw in Windows XP pro that you need the administrator password to make a scheduled task works. But the point is that I didn't put any admin password because when I start the computer I want it to load until the desktop. I don't want to write a password.

When I tried to make a new scheduled task, it never worked. I saw that the Norton Anti-Virus scan was working. So i tried to copy paste this schedule and the copied file just didn't work. There's something special in the original Norton Anti-virus scan that makes the scheduled task work without any admin password.

When I try to put a password in the scheduled task, it says that's not the good password. When there's no password it says it doesn't work because no password has been written.

I wonder how the NAV works, if someone can help me, that would help me because I want the NAV and The Cleaner have a scan each week. Thanks !
administrator account requires a password...

other accounts do not
if you only have one other account besides the administrator account then winxp will load right to the desktop...

in regards to the Norton Antivirus stuff you're talking about... i think you need to describe in a little more detail exactly how your computer is currently behaving, and how you would like your computer to behave...


Ok, thanks for the tip about the only user with the administrator. But now I solved my problem by using another program that schedule tasks. It's JIT scheduler. It will schedule the scan of "The Cleaner" each week.

To answer to you, even if the problem is solved, NAV will do a virus scan each week. This schedule was made in the Norton program himself and the this program just use the Windows Task schedule to make it works. The point I was talking about is that the task schedule (a file in the C:\Windows\Tasks) that works right but if I copy the same file with another name it won't work. That's probably because there's something in the registery that make the original works well. I don't know if you understand, but to find where is the trick that makes NAV works would surely be the answer to my problem. For now I'll use JIT scheduler. Thanks !
ok... i understand...

Do you use Norton System Works, cause it has One Button Checkup. This will perform a registry check, and clean it, virus scan, cleansweep, etc...

It can be scheduled. Infact I'm pretty sure that each task from System Works can also be individually scheduled too...

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