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I have come to conclusion that I must invest in a scanner for work, to be the best I can.

I know nothing about them at ALL!

What are the best ones out there right now...features, whats important...etc


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no im looking for straight scanner....price range, most likley anything up to 150...but if there more expensive then that, i dont know


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An image scanner for photo's, text etc? Anywhere from $50-200. Epson, Cannon, HP are all fine.

Keep away from Brother, poor results with low contrast originals like doctors receipts and other carbon copy forms.

If you have a lot of scans to do a scanner with a document feed is a must (and 50% more expensive at least). How many items you are scanning is important for reliability (jamming) and life. If you need one with a document feed then I'd suggest HP. It's what we use at work and I'm always tossing piles of data at it. Fast, no jam, file type/size options in the menu. But... $s.

Combo units (scan, copy, print) may have a quirks like if one ink is out you can't do anything with them (Brother for sure).

Resolution - unless you are ripping commercial photo's and trying to blow them up it's not an issue anymore. They are all ok. You will find that the files are too damn big to store and you have to lossy compress them anyway.

Scanners that say they can handle negatives and slides are not very good you need a dedicated scanner for those $200-300.

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I'd try to get one from Costco since they have the best retuen policy I've ever seen. HP seem to be pretty good.

I have a Brother Multifunction scanner and it's pretty good. I had to scan like 200 pics for a Image DVD for my grandparent's 50th anniversary and it worked very well. I love the scan to file option. Mine can also scan/print thru the LAN as well.


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I'm going to be using this scanner to do all my work, importing drawings and designs into the computer. I'll check out costco..


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if at the store the scanner says photoscanner, does that mean photos only, like could I put a piece of paper in there...

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Photo may just mean high quality, possibly negative scanning possible. Stuff like that, or just a label for the computer illiterates to choose that model over another.
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