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scanner woes


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alright, this problem has been buggin me for a while. I can't scan something while my printer driver is installed. When I try, i get an error message that says the parallel port is in use by another application. Once i delete the printer driver, all is well. I have xp and an HP laserjet 4p that is connected through a canon fb 320p scanner.

jak deth

Instead of deleting the printer driver everytime you want to use the scanner, which I assume also uses the parallel port and isn't USB, I would open the printers option from the start menu, uncheck the hp laserjet as the default printer, leaving no default printer, then scan. When you wish to print, open it again and recheck it as the deault printer.

Keep in mind this is just a thought, not a hard and fast answer. If you the full Adobe app installed I would set the distiller printer as the default which would free up the parallel port and the scanner should work fine.


I have a switch box for the scanner and printer. I just switch to whichever I want to use, and that does the job.

It is quite cheap to buy. £6.00 uk

Hope this helps.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Do you have your printer and scanner daisy chained together? if so try swapping them around so the printer is first.

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