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Scanner- Canonscan N650U


Anyone out there have one of these? I had it running flawlessly in Win2k but it likes to lock up or crash after a few scans in WinXP.

I've tried different drivers etcc...

Any help would be appreciated.


Beware the G-Man
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Under what program are you aquiring the Scanner or importing to? Or are you just using the program that came bundled with the Scanner? Reason is that I have different brand Scanner but in PaintShop Pro ver 7 the scanner hangs But in ver 6.02 it works perfectly. Thinking... maybe proggy? Also maybe, uninstall Scanner and reinstall but let XP install it's own drivers.


Beware the G-Man
Political User
Was also thinking, if it's locking up after a few scans it could be a memory prob. The program you are using when scanning is not releasing memory. Try scanning a couple of things then close down the prog. Reopen the prog and scann a couple more things see if it locks or not.


I've tried aquiring with Photoshop 6, 7 and ACDSee, and I've used the program that came with it. As for the memory suggestion, thats what I thought lastnight when I was using it. I kept Task Manager open and watched the memory and CPU usage looking for clues, but all seemed fine. I remember the errors mentioning something about being in use or maybe something to do with the twain. I've waited a while after certain scans didnt seem to work to let it finish, but it never does. The scanner sounds like it goes through the normal motions, but the times it locks up it doesnt actually scan anything.


I'd use the driver uninstall program on the site listed
above and then install the drivers from the same site.
I have the exact same scanner and I always had to manually
install the drivers as XP doesn't seem to have it's own for it.
By the way, I have never had a problem with my N650U and I
love it even though it could use a little more resolution.

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