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SB Live! DE 5.1 Problem

I'm getting real annoyed by the SB Liveware! (D/loaded latest XP version from XP-erience.org).

I want the speaker preset to be just 2 speaker but Liveware thinks that I always want Live Surround. I have run the preset speaker setup utility many times but it just doesn't work, it keeps reverting to Live Surround.

Perhaps an .ini that I can hack or something may fix this. Can anyone can help here.

Cheers, Ants
Can't offer any help i'm afraid, all I will say is that I learned my lesson early on, and only ever install the drivers from the CD (electing to install "Drivers Only") because of the problems you describe. Creative drivers have a nasty, nasty habit of trying to do your thinking for you!!

haha I had just decided to give Liveware! the boot, but for some bizzare reason it likes 2 speaker again. "How convenient" ahh well it if screwes up agin I'll know what to do....... nuke Liveware! to hell.

"Ride the Big One"

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