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saveing images always wants to save it as a BMP


Simonsoft Network
hey all, for some reason, everytime I go to save a image, IE always wants to save it as a BMP when trying to save a JPG/JPEG...can anyone tell me how to fix this??



Simonsoft Network
lol, it's not that, it's just bugs me that I have to change the name that it wants to save as (which is "untitle") to the actula name of the jpg (which I'll have to put ".jpg" at the end to save it correctly) while saveing it...IE did this before, but somehow it got fixed, but it's doing it again and I don't know how to fix it. :(


OSNN Gamer
sorry for being a bit dumb but how do you open an image using IE
sorry again just tried it & I had to change files of type for the right ext.


Simonsoft Network
lol, not opening an image file in IE, I'm talking about going to a web site, seeing an image that says that you can use on your site, but haveing to save it...cuz each time I try to save a jpg, it's trying to save as an untitle BMP!!! and I want to know how to fix that.

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