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SATA Laptop - Partition Problems


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I have a DV6365us laptop with a SATA hard drive as disk 0 (At least, thats what it tells me. It's unlike any SATA I've ever seen). Anyway, it was a pain to get XP on there to dual boot, what with XP not having SATA driver support in the install process... but I finally now have a dual bootable computer (Vista and XP). When I got the computer, it had a 6.xx GB partition used for system restore. I backed it up via DVD's as suggested by HP, and deleted the partition.
I then shrunk the Vista partition to the allowable dimension (apparently, about 40% free space is too much to shrink anymore?) using Vista's build in partition manager. I also have a maximum on the shrinkage allowed in the XP partition (Something about pagefiles/snapshots it says?). Back to the main question, as those are side questions: I freed up about 14.66 GB by doing this shrinkage, but oddly enough the 2 unallocated drive spaces (From the deletion of the HP_RECOVERY and one from the shrinkages) read as seperate spaces. This means I am unable to combine them, or basically even use that 6.xx GB space from the recover to extend another volume into.

My goal here is this:
1. Vista Volume, about 75 GB
2. XP Volume, about 15 GB
3. My Documents Volume, about 59 GB (The goal is to have both OS's to open these without problem)

But, as you can see from the attached screenshot, I am unable to do any of them. DISKPART does not help either, as it cannot work with the volume. I have installed the most current drivers for the SATA, etc and still no-go. Any ideas?


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